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JPII South Campus @ St Martin of Tours Parish

Classes begin in person September 8th, 2020.

Our Pillars


Catholic formation based on virtue, the magisterium, and love of Jesus Christ. Our strong curriculum focuses on understanding the history and content of Catholic teaching, while our house system and school culture revolves around practicing the virtues, exercising personal responsibility, and becoming saints.


The Classical Curriculum follows the historical development of human civilization up to the present, exposing students to the great minds and characters of history. The curriculum emphasizes the skills of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. And students gain a depth of understanding and love for the Catholic faith which infuses every class.


The hybrid model embraces the best aspects of traditional schools and the advantages of a homeschool. Professional teachers instruct students in their areas of expertise and provide assignments for both school and home. Students in grades 7-12 are required to attend school each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday; on Monday and Thursday the family facilitates a learning environment in the home for students to complete assignments.


To provide students with excellence in education, both academically and spiritually, to prepare them to become faith-filled adults who will live and defend the Catholic faith with confidence and joy.

JPII South Campus is a 7th -12th grade school built on three pillars: 1) a Hybrid Model which promotes the unity of the family and the role of parents, 2) a Classical Curriculum which connects students to the great minds of history, and 3) Catholic formation based on virtue, the magisterium, and love of Jesus Christ.

JPII South Campus is the ideal setting for families that desire flexibility and parental involvement with a focus on rigorous academics and strong Catholic faith formation. Our educational approach develops capable and independent students, strengthens family bonds, and supports large and growing families.

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St. John Paul II South Campus Academic Building

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The south campus has a special vocation to provide a Catholic classical education to residents who live in South County, Saint Louis and the surrounding area. Like John Paul II Preparatory School in Saint Charles, the new campus will center on Catholic formation and classical curriculum in a hybrid model.

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